Tirade (No Longer)

by Bullet of Reason

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One of the first tracks that started my "concepts and sounds" for Rebirth. This one can be traced back about 3 years and has gone through a couple different changes since.


Your calls of desperation
Are pathetic attempts to reclaim your salvation
I can see through your lies
I'm the demon of your demise

Your tirade, no longer
Back down, it's all over
Your screams are mere plunder
Your words energize my thunder

Step down from your throne
Your endless reign of chaos, I will atone
I can see through your lies
'Cause I'm the demon of your demise

Nothing but a coward
Hiding behind the smoke you created
What you've built is fading
And I'm the enemy you've always hated
Failure as a saviour
Wipe the tears from your eyes
When you mask shatters
You'll clearly see how hope in you dies


released April 29, 2016



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Bullet of Reason Toronto, Ontario

Bullet of Reason is a one-man machine operated by Adam Herdman. A combination of different sounds and styles, sometimes referring to it as a style of his own. His lyrics can range from relationships to war, religion to the idea of our own demise… while holding nothing back, he grabs influences from different sources all around him & brings the collection together into one solid message. ... more

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