Fairytale Horror Show

by Adam Raymond ft. Bullet of Reason



At long last, it's here! The latest in a growing list of collaborations between Bullet of Reason and Adam Raymond: Fairytale Horror Show

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There goes the girl in the blood red hood
Looking for salvation inside the woods
She’s running from the big bad wolf
She’s running from me
There goes the girl in the torn blue dress
Falling down the rabbit hole, she’s such a mess
She’s running from the faceless grin
She’s running from me

I’m always playing the villain
I’m never your hero
I can’t escape this nightmare
It’ll never let me go
Wake up from a dream
Into a twisted fantasy
These fairytale horror shows
Are swallowing my reality

Here lays the girl with the porcelain skin
Waiting for her Prince, but hope is wearing thin
She's praying for a fairytale
Instead she got me
Here stands the girl on her brand new legs
Prince is on his knees and she watches as he begs
She's learning monsters have more fun
She's learning from me

Hopes existence ceased
The beauty becomes the beast
Hopes existence ceased
My beauty became the beast

Always playing the villain
I’m never your hero
You can’t escape this nightmare
I will never let you go
Wake up from a dream
Into a twisted fantasy
These fairytale horror shows
Are swallowing our reality


released August 22, 2016
All rights are reserved by their respective parties
Lyrics written by Brittney Stratuik in collaboration with Bullet of Reason
Music composed and performed by Adam Raymond
Vocals performed by Bullet of Reason



all rights reserved


Bullet of Reason Toronto, Ontario

Bullet of Reason is a one-man machine operated by Adam Herdman. A combination of different sounds and styles, sometimes referring to it as a style of his own. His lyrics can range from relationships to war, religion to the idea of our own demise… while holding nothing back, he grabs influences from different sources all around him & brings the collection together into one solid message. ... more

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