Perfect Poison

by Bullet of Reason

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François Peyre-Pradat Pure dark/aggresive electro-indus with delicious lyrics \m/


Originally a track that was from my previous band DoublEdged and then supposed to be used on "Breathing The Machine", Perfect Poison has been reworked and built back up from the ground so many times I've actually lost count on how many versions there are. It also made an appearance on the "Breathing The Machine - EP" in Beta Mode and if you know that version you'll see that this one is extremely different. This one is probably version 25 or something...

Stemmed and dedicated to a select few from an.... interesting place.... This one finally hit me pretty hard when making it and I felt that it finally got the point across the way I wanted it to (though different than the original DE style).

So enjoy the Perfect Poison single... who knows, you might hear it again as something completely different later on.


Wrap your twisted fingers
Around my weak neck
Your thorns keep piercing me
‘Til the end
I’m taking the pain
While I’m clenching my fragile fist
I’m living life
Like your fucking masochist

You are my perfect poison
Inject you into my veins
I know I need you
Forever and always
You are my perfect poison
Flowing through my bloodstream
But even though you’re killing me
You’re my absolute dream

Wrap your fucked up mind
Around my weak heart
Your thoughts of corruption
It keeps on tearing it apart
The pain
I take it with pleasure
The pieces of me
Are with you forever

I know you won’t do anything for me
And yet here I stay, begging for more
I need to get out, I’ve gotta get out
I’ve gotta get away from you
Cause I’m just another number for you to wrack up
You don’t fucking love me
You just love the way we fuck

Drug me, hurt me
I love to hate what you’re doing to me


released July 3, 2014



all rights reserved


Bullet of Reason Toronto, Ontario

Bullet of Reason is a one-man machine operated by Adam Herdman. A combination of different sounds and styles, sometimes referring to it as a style of his own. His lyrics can range from relationships to war, religion to the idea of our own demise… while holding nothing back, he grabs influences from different sources all around him & brings the collection together into one solid message. ... more

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